Why Your Fridge Looks Like It’s Sweating

A refrigerator that appears to be sweating could be a sign of trouble. Here are a few steps that you can take in order to determine the cause of the problem.

Interior Sweating Issues

Interior sweating can be caused by one of two problems. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended temperature setting. If the internal setting in your fridge is higher than the recommended setting, sweating can occur. Food that is constantly prone to higher temperatures will promote growth of mold. On the other hand, a temperature that is set too low can cause spoilage. The second problem can be a broken seal on the door. This type of trouble can be rectified by replacing the worn out seal. If you are unfamiliar with how to repair this problem, call a Long Island technician, like Speedy Refrigerator Service.

Exterior Sweating Issues

A refrigerator that is sweating on the outside is much more obvious than one that is sweaty on the inside only. The condensation from a faulty door seal could be allowing excess moisture to develop along the outside of the unit. Ignoring a sweaty fridge on the outside can cause water to collect around the unit and cause excess moisture to build along the floor. This will allow mold to grow in hidden crevices and bring damage to the surrounding floor. Replacement of the door seal should take care of the problem.

When to Call for Long Island Repair

Determining that you may have a faulty seal may not be the only problem that your refrigerator could have. Poor insulation or a faulty heater are other common problems that could be causing the sweating. These are problems that can be pinpointed right away by a trained professional in the refrigeration service industry.

A refrigerator is a huge investment and it needs to be properly maintained. By understanding the reasons of trouble, you will have a better chance of extending its life. Call our qualified technicians in Long Island and stop the damage before it is too late for repair.