How to Make More Room in Your Fridge

With more households switching over to a cleaner diet consisting of more fresh foods, the pantry is getting less crowded and the fridge is getting full. Using every inch of space available is key to achieving an organized refrigerator. The tips below will get things in order and help make more room.

Organize Items

To maximize space, organizing items in the fridge is key. Plastic storage bins are great because you can see through them in order to find the items you are looking for. They can be organized by food groups, or even lunch and dinner weekly meal plans. This makes packing lunches early in the morning or cooking quick meals on busy weeknights much more efficient.

Baskets can also be used to organize items, and they can be extra useful if they have handles so the baskets can be easily removed from the refrigerator for meal preparations. Plastic dividers placed in vegetable bins can maximize space by keeping items separated and neat.

Utilize Underused Space

Storing food on shelves or in bins is obvious, but you can also make use of underused space underneath those places. If your refrigerator has wire shelves, clip bagged items to the bottom of the shelf with binder clips or chip bag clips.

Under-shelf drawers are another great space-saving solution. These easily slide onto a plastic shelf, creating several more inches of useful space for storing items. An egg carton is another useful tool that can double as a condiment rack in the fridge door, keeping those bottles organized and eliminating clutter.

Seek Out a Professional

Calling a professional to service your refrigerator isn’t for just when you need a repair done. They can also help you create solutions to storage problems and make your appliance run more efficiently. One way they can assist you with freeing up more space is by installing or connecting an in-door water and ice dispenser. This will eliminate the need for water bottles and ice trays, thus allowing space for other items.

The professionals at Speedy Refrigerator Service can assist you with any type of repair that is needed. They have been servicing refrigerators in Long Island for over 75 years and are highly qualified. Contact them for any of your freezer or refrigerator repair needs in the Long Island area.